...to flatrooflights.com where you'll find the very latest in contemporary in flat rooflight design and appearance.

flatrooflights.com provide a unique range of high specification bespoke flat rooflights that have been researched and developed to achieve maximum daylight using our ultra low profile style frame, as well as offering the very best in thermal and energy saving performance.

You want to be able to walk-on? No problem! Our fabrication process allows us to offer glazing thick and strong enough to allow you to walk-on. This has been designed specifically for use on roof terraces, sunken gardens and areas with pedestrian access.

With a wide range of standard sizes and a simple joining system you can have the layout of your dreams and all with the quickest turnaround for delivery at a really affordable price.

If you need a truly bespoke solution then we can do that too. We manufacture to your specific requirements - size, shape and layout.

Our flat rooflights provide the perfect feel and look to your home conversion creating the wow factor many people are looking for in today's contemporary environment.